Most of us use Microsoft Word on a regular basis but do we really know how to get the most out of the program? The answer is… probably not! We regularly share Microsoft Word tips and tricks on Twitter and Facebook – this page is a library of all those tips.


  • You can view 2 parts of the same document simultaneously by splitting the screen. This is done by dragging the split bar down (located at the top of the scroll bar)

  • Select a rectangular block of text by holding Alt and dragging the mouse

  • Add a large capitalized letter at the start of documents to get that classic, professional look

  •  Some extremely useful tricks in MS Word, including how to replace tabs with spaces after importing text and getting rid of that annoying line that appears when you’ve typed a few hyphens:,2817,2417724,00.asp
  • If you’re experiencing issues with the hyperlink path in a Word table of contents, please check out my blog post: 
  • If you’ve been editing a Microsoft Word document and want to go back and continue later, there’s no need to keep the document open. When you re-open the document, press Shift + F5 to take the cursor to the last place in the document that you were working.
  • Want to merge 2 Word documents? Instead of copy and pasting the text, use Insert > Object > Text From File. This applies to versions 2007 onwards. In previous versions the command was Insert File.
  • Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks Sheet (PDF)
  • Have you ever got half way through typing a sentence and realised you’ve hit the CAPSLOCK key? Don’t waste your time by retyping it all! Instead, highlight the affected text, then press Shift + F3. Each time you press this key combination, it will toggle through lower case > title case > upper case.

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