Most of us use Microsoft Office on a regular basis but there’s a lot of features that most people don’t use or don’t even know about! We share Microsoft Office tips and tricks on Facebook and Twitter and this is a library of those tips.

As there are so many great Microsoft Office tips and tricks, we will split them into a page for program. Click on the relevant logo to see the tips for that program. General Microsoft Office tips can be found below.

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Microsoft Office – General Tips

  • Have you recently installed or upgraded to Office 2013 but not sure where to start with it? Download the office MS Quick Start Guides here:
  • If you’re using Office 2007 onwards, you will likely be very familiar with the ribbon interface. Some will love it and others will hate it. Either way, you can hide/show it very easily by pressing Ctrl+F1. This is also useful to know if you accidentally hid the ribbon and weren’t sure how to get it back!

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